What we do?

At Cotton Fields Canvas we put “web sites” on walls using digital “art form”
printing on genuine cotton canvas, as a vehicle to this end…
making art a branding, marketing and promotion mechanism to not only beautify walls but also to describe the functional activities of an organisation, which organisations range from…

  • major corporates, hotel, insurance and finance institutions 
  • construction and mining companies
  • government and para-statal organisations 
  • heavy duty earth moving, fitment and IT internationals 
  • medical establishments, general business enterprizes and private homes
Digitally printed canvas

How are we different from the general industry of digital printing...

we offer in-house art, photo image and presentation preparation and assistance

  • companies, corporates and all business and private sectors across a broad spectrum
  • architects and interior designers and decorators
  • marketing and procurement personnel
  • any one person assigned the task of adding design and decor to built spaces

How are we different from the general industry in terms of our product...

we use a 340 gram, 100% cotton canvas with a hand-painted primer
(the industry uses a vinyl) on which we print, then stretch,
and we pride ourselves on having the neatest and aesthetic “art pieces” around

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