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Here are 3 ways to understanding the difference between BRANDING AND MARKETING!

No.1 – Your BRAND is who you are and MARKETING is the message you want to send.

No.2 – Your BRAND comes first and MARKETING comes second.

No.3 – Guess what? – You own your marketing…and your consumers own your brand.

When this is done right!! Your brand is your reason for existence. It is the unique, authentic, singular value you offer to your customers. It infuses the ethos of your company, and it is communicated to your customers every time they experience your brand—not just when they experience a marketing message.

So you have a logo, stationary design or C.I package with a slogan and now you think you have a brand. Actually you have a set of marketing materials and messages.

What’s step one? You must determine and express your brand worth in the marketplace. Only then should you move on to developing a brand approach—followed, last of all, by constructing a marketing campaign.

Compared to branding, marketing is easier to control and grasp. You etch the headlines and you choose the design. You may even post on Social Media. Once you measure the variations or awareness of the marketing, you can determine whether your marketing is a success or a failure.

“Your brand is not your idea. Surprisingly, many executives believe they can control how their brand is perceived by the masses of consumers. They cannot.” – Peter Getman

You must know the difference between branding and marketing, and don’t cloud your strategies. Marketing is telling a story. Your consumers will tell you what your brand is—or what they need it to be—because they alone know. This is when the most commanding branding occurs, when you take heed and not when you talk.

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Think BIG Marketing  has passion and credence for the “Digital Arts, Marketing and Branding” and takes pride in creating Graphic Design, Web Development, UI & UX Design, E-mail Campaigns, Social Media, SEO, Ad Words, Signage, Product Launch’s & Social Media Photographic Interaction.

We can help your imagination come to life. We understand how important it is to showcase your company via these applications and therefore go to great lengths to make this come to light. With our 18 years of excellence and experience, trust and integrity… we can help you market your company and achieve your goals.

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Marketing 91%
Branding 93%
Signage 98%
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